Made with 💛 for the lovely people of Vancouver
Made with 💛 for the lovely people of Vancouver

Do shopping right, wherever you shop.

AI Try-On & Free Shipping for any item.
Automatic discounts and easy returns.
Simple order tracking + reduced emissions.
Do it with friends. All of that, for FREE!

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Stop guessing!
See how anything Looks on YOU!

1. Easily upload a few pictures of you

2. Select your outfit from your favorite stores

3. Create your new Looks with just a tap

4. Share with friends for feedback or inspiration

Find your best Look, Fast!

Wonderpack Looks empowers you to try new outfits on your own body and face; all for free and from the comfort of your couch.

Try Looks for any occasion or just for fun🙂

Date night

Keynote speech

Beach walk

LA trip


Enjoy free shipping, for free!

1. Order your items on Wonderpack's free app (millions of items from your favorite stores) regardless of a store's minimum price for free shipping.

2. Wonderpack securely groups your orders with your friends' or verified neighbors' orders (no need for you to know them) in order to unlock free shipping for you all.

3. Pick up your items easily from your nearby friends or neighbors. You can even invite your friends from other neighborhoods to join your orders.

Join thousands of others
enjoying Wonderpack

“First it took me a few minutes to figure out, but I was able to unlock free shipping for two things (a shampoo with a neighbor and a tshirt with my own friend), from different stores. And they’ve already been delivered! So so far SO GOOD! “

” To be honest I was looking for something like this app for a while. Happy to finally to see something that actually works. Got myself a neat jacket!! =)) ”

Shop your best Looks right!


With ‘Wonderpack Looks’ you can put together an outfit by selecting items from your favorite stores (same store per Look), and see how it looks on YOU (i.e. on your body and with your face 🙂) thanks to Wonderpack’s AI try-on technology.

Absolutely! Create and share your Looks with your friends and social circles as many times as you want in order to get their feedback and even give them inspiration on what to shop (they’ll thank you for it 🤗). Not to mention that it’d be very easy to also coordinate what to wear together to the same event or party. 👌

All FREE! And there’s more: Wonderpack provides you  with automatic discounts and guaranteed free shipping on any item (regardless of the price) from all your favorite stores.

Nature is awesome! There are as many body types as there are humans. That’s why our ever-improving AI generates full-body photo-realistic images based on your own pictures. No “average/typical” body types to select from or having to enter too many dimensions. We work hard so that you can create and try your Looks with great convenience (just select the sizes and colors for each clothing item).

Kinda, with a little hack. From a store of your choosing, find an item similar to the item you already have and add them to your Look/outfit. Voilá! Once you are ready to purchase a look, simply remove that item(s) from your shopping cart. Rest assured, we constantly make this experience smoother and more comprehensive.


Wonderpack is a new social shopping app that enables you to do shopping right,   from inspiration all the way to purchasing (with guaranteed free shipping and automatic discounts and package tracking to easy returns). So, simply select the item(s) you want, add them to your cart, and check out when you are ready – all in the same app and with only a few taps.

You can create and try on Looks from different brands available at the same store (e.g.  Aritzia’s Wilfred and Babaton). Doing so across many different stores will be coming so stay tuned! 

Yes! There’s no extra cost. You’d buy things as you normally would, but can finally say goodbye to shipping fees! 🙂 Moreover, you can enjoy daily discounts from different stores (you’ll get notifications so you don’t miss them) while reducing your carbon footprint by up to 70%. All these make Wonderpack the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to buy.  💯🙂🎁🌎

Wonderpack automatically joins your orders with your verified friends or trusted neighbours‘ orders (without the need for you to know them in advance) in order to unlock free shipping for all of you. So you’ll save money and get to make new connections. 👦👧 You can also invite your friends from other buildings to join your orders.

No, you will not be charged anything unless free shipping is unlocked for your order.

You can easily track all your packages for free in your app. You’ll definitely get your delivered package from your neighbour or your money back. Also, you can simply start to return your items directly from the app (tap on the ‘Return Policy’ link at the bottom of each order page). 

Wonderpack automatically joins your orders from any store with your verified and trusted neighbours‘ orders (from the same store) without the need for you to know those neighbours in advance. The more neighbours you invite to your building’s Wonderpack, the faster you’ll all get free shipping. Additionally, you can simply invite your friends or classmates (from anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area) to join your order to unlock free shipping for you all right away.

You can contact Wonderpack’s support on our app, website, or via info(a) .

Currently, Wonderpack is available on an invite-only basis anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area. You can ask for early access for your building in other areas by sending us a message on our website or via info(a)  

Returns are easy. You can simply start to return your items directly from the app (tap on the ‘Return Policy’ link at the bottom of each order page). 

That’s the great part. With Wonderpack, you’d either receive the package at your home or just pick it up from a nearby neighbour (e.g. inside your own building). So there’s no need to change out of your “couch attire”. 🙂

Yes, you can track any and all your packages (even the ones ordered through other stores) on Wonderpack app for free. You can conveniently keep all of your package trackings in one place. Simply keep track of your packages, from any carrier (supporting 900+ globally) or store, through a simple and smart interface inside your app. Add package tracking numbers, view delivery ETAs/delays, see the locations on the map, share the packages with others, receive updates, etc.  


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Copyright © 2023 Wonderpack. All Rights Reserved.